Sunday, March 29, 2015


What exactly is a cozy mystery?  Some will say it’s a murder story with an amateur sleuth, and without the lurid descriptions of blood, gore and sex.   But a cozy is so much more than that.  A cozy is more about the character than the murder, more about the setting than the investigation, more about atmosphere than action. 
Memories go into my books.  Having lived a long and full life, I have enough memories to fill a thousand books.  My characters are built from people I've met, my settings are places I've been, and the action is often taken from incidents in my past.  Everyone works in different ways, but in this blog I hope to show you how I build a cozy mystery, and in doing so share some of the memories that bring it to life.  In future blogs you will get to know more about the characters that populate my books, as I will be interviewing some of them, giving you an insight into their minds and hearts.  You will meet some of the fascinating people I've known, and discover some of the unconventional paths I have taken, and in doing so, maybe learn a little about writing a cozy.   Until the next time,

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